Jason Kimball

Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering, 2014

Jason Kimball works in the GRAVITY group led by IGERT-TEECH PI Falko Kuester. His research topics include HD teleconferencing and video mobility, and particularly middleware for the acquisition, streaming and presentation of HD video and audio sources. In collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Kimball is also developing visualization algorithms for real-time exploration of massive, time-varying point cloud datasets produced by atomistic simulations. The algorithms are for the efficient exploration of tera-scale datasets which contain millions to billions of objects as well as thousands of timesteps.





Dec 14, 2009 - "VideoBlaster: A Distributed, Low-Network Bandwidth Method for Multimedia Playback on Tiled Display Systems,"K. Ponto, T. Wypych, K. Doerr, S. Yamaoka, J. Kimball, and F. Kuester, Proc. 11th IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia