Kenneth Vecchio

Professor and Chair, NanoEngineering Dept.

Dr. Vecchio's research focuses on structure-property relations in advanced materials with emphasis on applications in dynamic loading events for both civilian and defense-related fields. Central to much of this research is a focus on nanoscale structure control to enhance novel properties and material performance. Design of nanoscale structures to improved bulk metallic glass materials is an active area of research. In addition, Prof. Vecchio has a strong interest in biomimetic research into synthesis processes for structural materials, particularly exploiting the hierarchical structure of marine skeletal materials for biomedical implant applications.
Recent programs include the synthesis, processing, and characterization of anisotropic laminate materials including metallic-intermetallic laminate composites, ceramic-metal layered materials, and polymer-ceramic layered materials such as shells. Of particular interest is the processing of near-net-shape laminate materials with graded or varying structures within the laminate thickness. NanoMaterials, Carbon Nanotube synthesis, nanoparticulate reinforced polymers and composites, and polymer deformation modeling are additional areas of research for Prof. Vecchio over the past 3 years. Recent work has focused on tailoring nanoscale structures for functionality and commercial scalability. Dr. Vecchio earned his Ph.D. from LeHigh University in Materials Science and Engineering.


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