Kyle Knabb

Ph.D. Student, Anthropology

Kyle Knabb’s interests include regional archaeological surveying, GIS and archaeology, and 3D visualization modeling of archaeological data in the StarCAVE virtual-reality environment. As a Master’s student in anthropology and archaeology, Knabb worked with Calit2’s Immersive Visualization Laboratory to create a 3D visualization for the StarCAVE virtual-reality environment. Kyle's supervisor is Prof. Tom Levy in the Levantine Archaeology Lab and Calit2's Cyber-Archaeology Lab. The program displays several excavation sites in Jordan, along with artifacts found there, and radio-carbon data geo-located for select artifacts. With a grant from the National Geographic Society/Waitt program, Knabb led the first systematic archaeological survey of the Wadi Feid, an important water sources bordering Jordan’s unique Faynan copper ore district. The survey aimed to identify ancient trade routes and settlement types from the lowlands of the Wadi Araba to the highlands of the Edomite Plateau.




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