Geoff Braswell


Geoffrey Braswell has been a Mesoamerican archaeologist for more than 20 years. He was graduated from Tulane University with a Ph.D. in anthropology and has taught at UCSD, SUNY-Buffalo, the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan, and the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. He has worked at well-known archaeological sites such as Teotihuacan, Copan, Kaminaljuyu, Chichen Itza, Pusilha, Lubaantun, Calakmul, and numerous ancient settlements in highland Guatemala.

Braswell's research interests include the emergence of market economies in Mesoamerica, state formation processes, interaction between Central Mexico and the Maya, and the relationship between political and economic structures in the ancient world. He has also written extensively about obsidian, a volcanic glass widely used to stone tools, the ethnohistory of the highland Maya, identity theory, the archaeology of Nicaragua, and archaeometry.


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Sep 1, 2009 - "The virtual Chichén Itzá project: modeling an ancient Maya city in Google SketchUp,"B. Volta, T.E. Levy and G.E. Braswell, Antiquity, Volume 83, Issue 321