Michael Kalichman

School of Medicine

Michael Kalichman, founding director of the UC San Diego Research Ethics Program (http://ethics.ucsd.edu) since 1997, has taught research ethics for over 20 years. He currently directs the ethics service for the Clinical and Translational Research Institute, funded by a CTSA award to UC San Diego. In 1999, with support from the Office of Research Integrity, he created one of the first online resources for the teaching of research ethics; this resource for instructors continues to be maintained at UC San Diego (http://research-ethics.net). Over the past decade, with Francis Macrina of Virginia Commonwealth University and others, he has taught numerous train-the-trainer workshops for over 1000 instructors of research ethics courses. Kalichman is the founding and past president for the first non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting RCR education, the Responsible Conduct of Research Education Consortium (RCREC, 2004-2009), which is now part of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics. With Philip Langlais of Old Dominion University, he co-founded the National Advisory Panel on Research Integrity (NAPRI) in 2010 to foster conversations and collaboration among many of the leading groups and organizations dedicated to promoting research integrity (http://research-ethics.net/introduction/NAPRI). Kalichman has served as principal investigator for NIH-funded projects to assess the effectiveness of teaching research ethics (2001-2007) and standards of research conduct (2007-2011). Internationally, he has been invited to serve as: keynote speaker on the state of RCR education in the U.S during the first meeting of Mexican National Academy of Sciences to address ethics in science (2003); U.S. delegate to address education in research ethics for a 2007 Beijing joint meeting of AAAS with the China Association of Science and Technology (CAST); a member of the AAAS working group for ongoing dialogue with the Chinese on the topic of research integrity (2010-present); and co-chair of the working group for RCR education at the 2010 Singapore meeting of the World Conference on Research Integrity (2010).


mkalichman [at] ucsd.edu