Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Friday Seminar

Speakers: Ashley M. Richter, IGERT Trainee
Jun 7, 2013 @ 4-6pm
Location: UCLA Room A222, Fowler Museum Building
Event Description: CISA3 and IGERT Researcher Ashley M. Richter will be the guest speaker at the UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, discussing "Integrated data capture technologies and methodologies for rapid field deployment and the creation of point cloud based data scaffolds for archaeology." Earlier the same day, she will lead a workshop at the Cotsen Institute on Laser Scanning Archaeological Landscapes & Artifacts (with CISA3 Undergraduate Research Intern James M. Darling).

UCSD Faculty Mentor Program Research Symposium

Speakers: Aliya Hoff, CISA3 Lead Undergraduate Researcher
Jun 2, 2013 - Jun 2, 2013 @ TBA
Location: UC San Diego Price Center
Event Description: Lead CISA3 Undergraduate Research Intern (CURI) Aliya Hoff presents her research under Anthropology professor Margaret J. Schoeninger and Levantine Lab Bioanthropology graduate student advisor Melanie Beasley, on "Resurrecting the Iron Age Dead: A Case-Study in Bioarchaeology." The talk will be presented at the UCSD Faculty Mentor Program Research Symposium on June 2 at the Price Center.

CISA3 IGERT Open Lab Night

Speakers: Falko Kuester, Director, CISA3 et al.
Feb 6, 2013 - Feb 6, 2013 @ 5pm - 6:30pm
Location: UC San Diego Calit2 Theater, Atkinson Hall
Event Description: Students participating in the NSF-funded IGERT-TEECH program in cultural heritage diagnostics will showcase their latest work for visitors interested in the development and use of technologies to safeguard cultural artifacts. Open to the public, free of charge.

Italian Cultural Center Presentations

Speakers: David Vanoni and Christine Wittich, IGERT Trainees
May 11, 2012 @ 6:30pm
Location: 1669 Columbia St, San Diego, CA 92101 Italian Cultural Center of San Diego
Event Description: IGERT Trainees and UC San Diego graduate students David Vanoni and Christine Wittich will present reports on their respective projects in the analysis of statues and the search for a long-lost Leonardo da Vinci mural, The Battle of Anghiari. Their work on the project was supported, in part, by a donation from the Italian Cultural Center of San Diego, to support student research experiences in Florence. RSVP by May 10 to .

The Forbidden Tomb of Genghis Khan

Speakers: Albert Yu-Min Lin, Calit2 and CISA3, et al.
Nov 9, 2011 - Nov 9, 2011 @ 7:00pm film; 8:00pm panel discussion
Location: UC San Diego Calit2 Auditorium, Atkinson Hall
Event Description: Calit2 will host a premiere viewing of The Forbidden Tomb of Genghis Khan. The hour-long broadcast profiles the work of Calit2 research scientist Albert Yu-Min Lin and a team of scientists and explorers from UC San Diego and National Geographic, who made a systematic, non-invasive search for lost heritage sites in Mongolia. The film follows three successive expeditions to Mongolia as well as the development at Calit2 of new tools to be used during the expeditions.

Lin -- a triple alumnus from UCSD ('04, MS '06, Ph.D. '08) -- is a research scientist in Calit2 and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. He will be on hand for a panel discussion following the exclusive viewing of the program. Experience the science, technology and passion behind the quest to explore the most sacred heritage in Mongolia, and stay for a lively question and answer session with the team that brought this unprecedented expedition to life.

Art of Science Learning Conference

Speakers: Larry Smarr, Director, Calit2 et al.
Jun 14, 2011 - Jun 15, 2011
Location: UC San Diego Calit2 Auditorium, Atkinson Hall
Event Description: The Learning Worlds Institute's Art of Science Learning Conference will take place at Calit2 UCSD. The NSF-funded conference explores how the arts can strengthen science education and spark creativity in the 21st-Century American workforce. It brings together scientists, educators, teaching artists, business leaders and policymakers from across the country. The proceedings will showcase arts-based educational methodologies that develop collaborative and critical thinkers for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) workforce; share the latest neuroscientific and educational research on arts-based learning; and explore the connection between the arts, innovation and economic competitiveness.

20th International Workshop on Logic and Synthesis

Speakers: Ryan Kastner, UCSD-NGS Engineers for Exploration
Jun 3, 2011 - Jun 5, 2011
Location: UC San Diego Room 1202, Auditorium, CSE Building
Event Description: UCSD-NGS co-manager Ryan Kastner will moderate a session and co-authored a paper on an improved coding technique for gate-level information flow tracking. UCSD-NGS is affiliated with CISA3 and the NSF-funded IGERT-TEECH project.