Mar 13, 2012

Herald Sun (Australia) - "Art sleuths find 'new Da Vinci'"

The article from the AFP news agency reports that art sleuths claim to have found traces of a Leonardo Da Vinci masterpiece on a hidden wall in a palace in Florence.

Mar 13, 2012

Canbera Times (Australia) - "Leonardo work believed to be hiding charms behind wall"

The Australian newspaper reports that researchers from UC San Diego and National Geographic have used probes to try to find a 'lost' Renaissance mural by Leonardo da Vinci.

Mar 13, 2012

Times Colonist (Canada) - "Researchers find clues to lost work of Leonardo"

The Victoria, British Columbia newspaper reprints the Reuters article by Philip Pullella which describes how a "later painting might hide fresco by Renaissance master", Leonardo da Vinci. Read more:

Mar 13, 2012

Edmonton Journal (Canada) - "Pigment traces in wall point to 'lost Leonardo,' art sleuths say"

The paper's sub-headline for this Reuters article notes that the 'Da Vinci work may be hidden behind mural, scientists report.'

Mar 13, 2012

Fox Channel 8 Cleveland - "Da Vinci’s Lost Masterpiece May Be Found"

The CNN article notes that the 'Battle of Anghiari' research team is led by the National Geographic Society and UC San Diego’s Center of Interdisciplinary Science for Art, Architecture and Archaeology, in partnership with the City of Florence.

Mar 13, 2012

National Post (Canada) - "Traces of lost da Vinci painting found hidden behind wall after 500 years, researchers claim"

The Reuters article quotes CISA3's Maurizio Seracini as saying, “We found traces of pigments that appear to be those known to have been used exclusively by Leonardo.” The article also notes that Seracini has been searching for 'The Battle of Anghiari' for three decades.

Mar 13, 2012

The Blaze - "Did Historians Find Evidence for Lost da Vinci Mural Behind Another Piece of Art?"

Liz Klimas reports that "the team, led by Maurizio Seracini, an art diagnostician at the University of California-San Diego who is also a National Geographic Society fellow, found a black pigment and lacquer, which they believe could be da Vinci’s work originally commissioned by Italian statesman Piero Soderini in 1502.'

Mar 13, 2012

Washington Times - "Solving da Vinci Mural Mystery"

The AP article reports that 'Maurizio Seracini, an Italian engineer from the University of California at San Diego, told reporters that the fragments of color retrieved by the probe in the palace’s Hall of the 1500s are consistent with pigments used by da Vinci. He said an analysis showed the red, black and beige paint found is consistent with the organic paint the artist used on his frescoes.'

Mar 13, 2012

San - "UCSD Researchers Discover Lost da Vinci Mural"

Researchers may have discovered traces of a lost mural by Leonardo da Vinci by poking a probe through cracks in a 16th-century fresco painted on the wall of one of Florence's most famous buildings.

Mar 13, 2012

Register Citizen - "Lost da Vinci masterpiece may be hidden behind another fresco in Florence, University of California researchers say"

The Connecticut newspaper reprints an Associated Press article noting that 'tantalizing clues' have been found that could help in solving a mystery puzzling the art world for centuries.

Mar 13, 2012

UPI - "Lost da Vinci painting may have been found"

The United Press International news agency reports from San Diego that UCSD researchers say they may be closing in on a solution to a centuries-old puzzle on the fate of a lost masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci.

Mar 13, 2012

New Haven Register - "Lost da Vinci masterpiece may be hidden behind another fresco in Florence, University of California researchers say"

The Connecticut newspaper's online edition reprints an Associated Press report on CISA3's search for the lost Leonardo da Vinci mural, 'The Battle of Anghiari'.

Mar 13, 2012 - "Researchers in Florence may have discovered lost mural by Leonardo da Vinci"

The 'first art newspaper on the Net' reprints the Associated Press article by Annalisa Camillia and Frances d'Emilio, about the CISA3-National Geographic search for 'The Battle of Anghiari.'

Mar 13, 2012

La Repubblica (Italy) - "Il cacciatore del Leonardo perduto 'Così svelerò il suo ultimo mistero'"

From Florence, Michele Smargiassi reports that with sensors and other technological devices, CISA3's Maurizio Seracini is searching for The Battle of Anghiari mural by Leonardo da Vinci, not seen in nearly 500 years.

Mar 12, 2012

Mother Nature Network - "Long-lost da Vinci masterpiece found?"

Jeanna Bryner of LiveScience reports on Maurizio Seracini's search and new evidence that he may have found a mural not seen in nearly 500 years.